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Drift was originally a homeless Cybertronian, living on the streets and stealing energon to survive. The hopeless 'bot was befriended by Gasket Drift #2 but otherwise.

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Transformers (serie di film) - Wikipedia Transformers: La Vendetta del Caduto è il secondo film della serie. Due anni dopo gli eventi del primo film, un gruppo ora più ampio di Autobot sono alleati con gli.

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Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class. Buy Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Autobot Drift Figure: Action Figures - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

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Transformers Comics - Histórias em Quadrinhos Transformers. Dezenas de revistas dos Transformers para download. Faça download de revistas em quadrinhos (gibis) e jogos dos Transformers grátis.

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Transformers: la era de la extinción - Wikipedia, la. Transformers: la era de la extinción (título original en inglés, Transformers: Age of Extinction), o simplemente Transformers 4, es una película de ciencia.

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Drift (Transformers) - Wikipedia Drift is the name of three different fictional characters in the Transformers robot superhero franchise. For trademark reasons, toys related to the character are.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction (film) - Transformers Wiki Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth film in the live-action film series. It was released on June 27, 2014. Following the Battle of Chicago, humanity has.

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Transformers: Generation 2 - Wikipedia The Transformers: Generation 2 (also known as Generation Two or G2) was a Transformers toy line which ran from 1992–1995, in conjunction with a corresponding comic.

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Transformers (2007) - IMDb Find industry contacts & talent representation. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb. Get the latest news from leading industry trades